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Ways to Increase Your House’s Selling Price

Albert McRae 11/06/2018

When we sell our house, it is most likely due to an urgent reason, such as when we are in need of big cash. And in that situation, normally, we are expecting the buyer to share the same feeling with us, which is, unfortunately, not going to happen.

Chances are, our house might be worth less than we think it is, especially if we rarely check the fluctuating rate in the estate market. But there are ways that we can do to increase our house’s selling price, and we can learn them here.

Better prepared than sorry

First thing first, we need to be aware of the fact that increasing the value of an estate is not a one-night process. There are three stages that we must do: General Repair, Remodeling, and Hiring the right Realtor.

General repair

PipeBroken plumbing and cracked roof shingles can significantly reduce your house’s selling rate. You must not overlook them, even if, perhaps, the cracks do not cause any leakage.

RooferHire a credible roofer for the job, and consult them about your purpose of selling your house. They might have a professional suggestion for you, and they can also help you to do the precise math of how the repair can be beneficial for your selling rate.

However, if your plan to sell your house is still years ahead, you can start maintaining your house from now. Seasonal weather changes are your worst enemy.

Try to inspect for damages by yourself. And start from the obvious parts, such as plumbing, ventilation, and roofing. If you are devoted to the house maintenance, by the time you need to sell it, you do not need to spend much money.

Renovating smartly

You probably have heard that renovation can add a significant increase in the house’s selling rate. And that is true, except there are some issues that you need to be aware of:

  • High upkeep reduces the value

MaintenanceIf you are thinking that having a garden full of exotic plants and flowers will skyrocket your house’s selling rate, you are wrong. Most likely, economical reasoning is what drives most buyers in most transactions. Exotic plants need expensive maintenance, and to your buyers, they will only seem like an unnecessary financial burden.

The same reasoning goes with swimming pool. A swimming pool is a luxury upgrade that not everyone needs it. In fact, your buyers might have their plan for that spacious yard of yours.

  • To stand out in the neighborhood is not a good idea

Renovated house

Not all people are comfortable with being the center of the attention, and you need to bear that in mind. Eccentric decoration, unique design, and unusual choice of painting can be a major turn-off for your buyer.

Now that you know the two value-reducing issues, we will discuss the smart ways of house renovation:

  • Work on your lawn

Make a beautiful and elegant improvement on your lawn. Landscaping will only cost you 2,000 USD at maximum and bring you net profit more than a half of it.

  • Repainting the exteriors

The exterior of your house decides the impression that you are going to show to the potential buyers. By referring to Yorkton Real Estate, exterior touch-up can even give you a price rise to more than 3,000 USD. A regular touch-up can bring a significant change to your house’ look, and it will cost you no more than 2,000 USD.

Hiring the right realtor

RealtorNegotiation is not easy. If you want to do it yourself, you need to be well-informed about the average market price of the local property. And selling a house by yourself requires extensive time allocation to deal with all of the paperwork.

By hiring the right realtor, you can save a lot of time for both the negotiation and paperwork. Browse for a realtor that has positive customer testimonies. Do not hesitate to meet with the agent face to face. And you can even assess his/her negotiation skill.…

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