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House Improvement Tips for Maximum Comfort

Albert McRae 14/10/2018

Some people are wondering why their house cannot provide enough comfort for them. There are many reasons for that problem, and among the major ones is the poor condition of the house’s hygiene. You may think that vacuuming and mopping the floor are enough. However, hygiene also means air quality and moisture level.

Improving the Air Circulation

breathing fresh airPoor air circulation can lead to fast dust buildup, which will be severe if you have carpets for flooring. Unless you get a robot vacuum to clean it regularly, you will need to allocate hours only to make your home dust-free. Improving the air circulation can be your best option to slow down the dust accretion.

First, install an HVAC system with additional purifier and humidifier at your home. If you own a house, then you will not have a problem with the installation, but if you live in a condo or apartment unit, you will. However, most commercial buildings have a built-in HVAC system with centralized conditioning and heating units, and air ducts. In that case, a portable air purifier unit with HEPA filters can be your most affordable solution.

Second, things will be easier and quicker for you if you entrust the project to a qualified HVAC installation company. As an example, Clarke Rush is a Sacramento HVAC company that welcomes clients who need a consultation first. They also set the price up front so that there will be no more surprise charge at the end of the project. Their HVAC units are also of the high quality with a high level of energy efficiency.

Bringing in Some Plant and Animals

terrarium in a bowlWe are not discussing pet adoption here because cats, dogs, and maybe pet birds can make the house chores way more burdening than they are supposed to be. Instead, we will explore the idea of having a terrarium, aquascape, and indoor gardening.

We are naturally connected to nature. If we feel detached from natural elements, we will become vulnerable to stress and depression. And as the choices of the solution may have shown to you, bringing in some plants and animals indoor is not as troublesome as it sounds.

Aquascaping is creating an isolated water ecosystem in the aqua-scaping medium, which is usually a square-shaped aquarium. You will have water plants, driftwood, cave-work, rocks, and stones arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The faunas used in this hobby are mostly species of small fish, like tetra and rasbora, and shrimp, like Amano and red-cherry.

Terrarium, on the other hand, preserves the aesthetic goal of aqua-scaping, but without the water. The most popular plants for terrarium are spider fern, aquamarine, golden clubmoss, and dicranium moss.

Installing a Small Sauna Room

sauna roomIf you usually come home exhausted, you should try installing a sauna room at home. It may sound like a costly and time-consuming idea. However, the truth is that there are premade sauna rooms sold online. Browse quickly on Amazon, and you will find several models from different brands.

The models vary based on the room capacity. Some can fit seven to eight people, while the others are designed only for couples. For instance, you can check JNH lifestyle, Radiant Saunas, and Thermasol to learn further about premade sauna rooms.…

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