Tips to buy the most suitable bed sheet

If you want to feel relaxed and comfy then you need to buy best material bed sheets Dubai. To buy these bed sheets you have to know about the different kind of materials available in the market and also you have to know that which material should be used in which season. To know more about the material you can read this article till end and it will help you a lot.

Cotton: The most comfortable material to use as bed sheets is cotton. But before going to shop this material you have to know that there are different kinds of cotton which have different qualities. First of all there is a basic cotton material which is quite cheap and you can use it on daily basis as well as night sheet. Then there comes the Egyptian cotton, the most expensive one. It is the most soft and comfy material and so it has a higher price than others. After that there comes the Pima lawn which has the price range between normal cotton and the Egyptian cotton. Despite the low price it will give you the soft and long-lasting experience.

Silk: Silk bed sheet is considered as the deluxe bed sheet which gives the royal effect to your bed room and make it dreamier. It will give the experience of smooth and peaceful sleep. There are also some cons of buying silk bed sheets. First is that it is very expensive and you cannot afford to buy many of them. Second is that they need a lot of care while handling. You cannot machine wash them on regular basis as it will tear that up. Third is that they are not strong enough to lay on daily.

Polyester: Unlike cotton and silk which are natural polyester is a man-made material which involves the elements used in plastic items. So this material is less expensive than the other two but in the other side it is also a hard and non-breathable material if used solely so it is better to use the bead sheets which have a balance of polyester and other material like cotton. A blended bed sheet will give you a lot of comfort and soft feel in fewer prices. You also have to consider the bedroom furniture UAE.