Ways to make sure you have the relevant extinguisher

FM 200 fire suppression is the best option to use when you need to protect the indoor places. There are few other fire extinguishers are available which are used by the fire fighting contractors in Dubai to fight with the fire when people need. They will use five different types of fire extinguishers. These fire extinguishers have different characteristics and they are used to cope with different types of fires. For the ease of the users they are available in different colored labels so that it is easy to distinguish between them and then will be used according to the situation. Before having the fire extinguishers in your place it is necessary to have a basic informational guide about the use of these correctly and you can get the basic information below:

Water extinguisher: When it comes to indoor protection water and foam extinguishers are best because they can be used for paper, wood or petrol based fires and these three things are common in daily routine in the houses. It is very important to know that you should not use it for electric fires like if you got your computer burn you should not use it. Its label is of bright red color.

Foam extinguisher: It is used for wood, paper, fabric and petrol. They are easy to use in the normal household but make sure to avoid using in kitchen and for computers. They have the label of cream color. When this is used it will make an obstacle between the petrol and fire which will then help in suppressing fire.

Dry powder extinguisher: These can be used for almost all kinds of fire except the fire due to cooking oil as it is prohibited to use in closed spaces so you have to make sure that it must not be used in indoors as it will harm the living beings when used in closed spaces. It is suitable for buildings and big plants. It has a blue colored label.

Carbon dioxide extinguisher: This extinguisher is basically used for electrical based fire so mostly used in computers based businesses where they have big server rooms full of computers. They can also be used for fires inflamed due to petrol. It has a black colored label to extricate it.