Why you should treat your employees well

Office has employers and employees and each human has some needs other than materialistic wants and there are several reasons for it.

There are numerous reasons for the need to treat employees well. Do you know the reasons? Do you know their non-materialistic wants and needs?  If no then read below and find reason of all wants of humans.

Time: They give time to your office and work for your company due to which it has been working.

Dependence: A company is nothing without its employees. Your company’s progress is dependent on your number of employees.

Effort: They do effort to make the work exceptional and perfect for company.

Sacrifice: At many times, they sacrifice their nights and enjoyment because of office work to please you and make company proud.

Hectic: They have hectic routine which they try to follow successfully and many of them follow too due to which they deserve appreciation and awards.

Tensions: Employees are humans too. They are not y9ur slaves. They also have tensions and expenses. They can be depressed and hopeless too. Therefore, they also need freak from their daily routines to relax themselves.

Desire: Like every human,  they also desire for kindness and affection. Therefore is needed to treat them well to fulfill their needs and satisfy them with affection and benign attitude.

Tired: Work can make any person tired. The better treatment will keep them awake and motivated to do better.

Creativity : To keep their creativity alive which probably important role in the better the of workplace, it is important to treat them and gift them something cute after every meeting and seminar.

Light environment : To keep them friendly or make them friendly tinkle the workplace a second gone, it is important for employers to make them feel special.

Human is human. It is the mirror image of God. He has different needs. A loaf of bread is not enough to him alive because he has to be alive in two world to regarded as alive by doctors and scientists.

A human needs:

  • Love and affection
  • Peace and harmony
  • Respect and confidence, and
  • Kindness and benign attitude

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