Career opportunities after completing ACCA

ACCA is considered as highly reputable degree and it opens up ways to many opportunities and persons can move to any other country to do their job because it is recognized in whole world. There are many institutes which offer chartered financial analyst course in Dubai. Some institutes also offer CMA course in Dubai. All of these are related to accounting but these are different from each other in a way or more. So there is difference in market demand of these courses. But if you have decided to go for ACCA so you have chosen right path for you because there are more career opportunities after doing ACCA. Some of these career opportunities have been given in this article. 

Financial accountant:

Financial accountants analyze financial information of companies, work on cash flow statement, and working on balance sheets. They prepare company’s financial statement and they deal with all of the finance related matters of company. They also work on tax regulations and they also work on different business strategies such as if a company is in financial crisis so they will plan different strategies which will help to improve the company’s financial condition.

Management accountant:

Their major responsibility is to do management of company’s account so they assess operation’s cost and business cost and then they prepare financial reports. They analyze financial information of company but their responsibility differ from financial accountant in such a way that they analyze the financial position of internal management too. So they develop strategies which help to improve company’s position and position of employees too.

Corporate treasure:

Their major role is to shape financial policies and they develop different financial strategies. They also advise on investment opportunities and they also manage financial risk. Their major job roles are capital markets and funding, liquidity and cash management, corporate financial management, risk management and treasury operations. 

Financial controller:

As the name shows that they have control of all finance of company and they are usually head of finance department. So they manage the history of finance of company, budgeting of company and auditing of company. 

Finance manager:

They manage different areas of organization’s finance division such as financial analysis, financial accounting and management accounting. So they create business reports, analyze and evaluate financial report and company’s financial status and help the management to take important financial divisions.